Fruit - $13.00
Apple Cranberry
Caramel Apple
Dutch Apple
Red Raspberry

Cream - $13.00
With Meringue
or Real Whipped Cream

Nut - $13.00
Cashew, Pecan and Walnut

Cut Out and Hand Decorated
Individually priced by shape and design

Choose from the cookie cutters I have or
I will custom design your company logo,
or just about anything else. 

Use your imagination...namecards for your holiday table, bridal or baby shower favors.

All cookies start with a delicious butter cookie with a hint of lemon.  These cookies are much too tender for cookie bouquets.
Hand Formed and Decorated
Also individually priced

Get your school mascot, a garden party of flowers, lady bugs, butterflies and worms, or use your imagination.  What can I make to match your party theme?
Everyday Cookies
Medium size - $ .60 each
Large size - $1.00 each
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate, Walnut, Oatmeal
Peanut Butter
Iced Sugar
Oatmeal Raisin
Chocolate with your choice of candy inside

Have another favorite?  Just tell me what you want!
9 inch - $20.00
5 inch - $5.00

The list of available cheesecakes is much too long for this page.  Tell me what you like and we will  come up with a unique cheesecake that sets your tastebuds to singing.
Chocolate Catagories

Chocolate - start with a chocolate crust and add chocolate chips to the filling, or stir in ganache.  Really brave?  Stir in chocolate chips and ganache.  If you are really very brave, top that with a layer of ganache.  Warning: Your tastebuds will wake you up at night to thank you again!
Nut Catagories

Nut - start with ground almonds or pecans in the crust.  Want larger pieces of nuts in the filling?  That sounds great...maybe a little homemade caramel stirred throughout. Top that with more caramel and nuts and ganache.  Call it a Turtle or Almond Turtle.  Make up your own variation. 
Fruit Catagories

Fruit - start with a delicious buttery crust. Then add some raspberry preserves to the filling.  Do you like peach better, or blackberry..?  The options are about as endless as what grows on this Earth.  Even pineapple is great, but then you have to add macadamia nuts! 
Not enough chocolate, add that too!
Need to please more than one person?
Surprise your family with all their favorites.  Get 4-quarter size cheesecakes, each one different from the others.  These will be made in 5 inch pans,
so everyone gets their own individual cheesecake.  They can taste some of everyone elses, or hide the rest of theirs in the back of the refrigerator and finish it later.
Come try my pies, cookies and so much more every Saturday at Schmidgall Auction Service, about a mile south of Goodfield, just off Route 117.  Just watch for the signs.